Organizations thrive on the success of their customers. Onboarding practices for customers must be impeccable and should provide them with great first impressions about the organization’s products, services and culture.

A perfectly onboarded customer can see success in two ways:

1.    Experience initial success with your product or service
2.    Can see potential in a long-term relationship with your company

Customer onboarding is always a process and not just a one-time activity. It goes much beyond just a handshake, and it helps you sustain a beneficial relationship.

Customer Onboarding Platform from Intelics is designed to manage the flow of information from the first contact with the customer while managing the entire onboarding workflow, data, AML and KYC compliance requirements to enable faster and better customer onboarding.

Intelics provides unique services combining the effectiveness of state-of-the-art technology along with simple and efficient business processes. The technology incorporates automated follow-ups along with real-time updates to customer information to help build trust with customers by not just providing all the information they need but also understanding their needs. Our team provides services that span extensive features and functionalities to help comply with regulatory directives and enable cross-selling through information sharing.



  • Get technology-led domain expertise across multiple verticals

  • Gain from specialised transition management skills and solutions

  • Benefit from the best in class capabilities of an E2E data governance solution provider

  • Avail of a scalable value-chain with onboarding, servicing, and deboarding

  • Take advantage of best-in-class delivery capabilities across India, Middle East and Africa

  • Profit from process re-engineering with emphasis on customer delight, risk reduction, and optimal servicing cost


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