Many businesses destroy their sensitive information in ways that expose them to data breaches and reputational risk. And most businesses do not have enough knowledge of data protection and environmental laws.

The risk of security breaches is much more critical to your business than you can imagine. Organisations such as Banks, Insurance companies, Law firms, Financial Services companies, Hospitals, realize the importance of a Secure Document Destruction strategy to eliminate and securely dispose of redundant copies, expired agreements, and old medical records. Secure document destruction terminates potential threats such as identity theft, or even facing a possible lawsuit for a data breach.

Intelics has extensive knowledge and insights in data destruction with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and the expertise of our specialists provide you robust services that keep you out of trouble. Our secured destruction services manage threats related to identity theft and save you from possible data breaches or lawsuits.

Intelics, offers an innovative first-of-its-kind “Shredding-on-Wheels” facility to deploy data destruction. We not only assist organisations with secure document destruction but also provide third party certification for data destruction services.



  • Protect important company information as well as your customers' confidential information.

  • Manage information that is no longer necessary to your business.

  • Comply with central, state, industry, and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.


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