Banking & Finacial Services

As the Banking and Financial industry matures on many fronts uncertainty about policy shifts weigh heavily

However, ongoing structural changes are likely to continue in the form of new operating models and investments in emerging technologies for greater efficiencies & competitiveness . Banks and capital market firms are expected to deepen their engagement with the fintech eco system as the trend towards digitization accelerates. Intelics PAN-Nigeria coverage, supported by the understanding of this industry will work towards building the enhanced profitability of the customers.

Get intelligent business tools

The focus of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector is to concentrate on its core areas while minimizing its exposure to non-core activities. We deliver an entire spectrum of BPM Services and provide for a comprehensive bouquet of services that enables operations to be improved through implemented ISO & CMMI Methodologies.

Through our methodology & approach we help enterprises accelerate the evolution of a business thereby creating change readiness without causing major change-aversion. This enables our customers to focus only on the outcome rather than building out and maintaining an extensive operations & infrastructure that adds costs and uncertainty. Our methods are unique wherein we deliver business outcomes to our clients by combining our domain expertise with digital technologies & analytics.