Customer On-boarding Process

Customer on-boarding has emerged as a major area of focus for the BFS Domain who are continually grappling with huge operational overheads. Furthermore, the proliferation of digital channels has made the customers more informed in their buying process as these channels are contributing a lot by way of collaboration during the buying process.

This is causing a tremendous change in the approach of the BFS domain causing an increase in adoption of newer business models which are now becoming more customer centric as compared to the earlier product-centric approaches.

Thus the need to make their customer on-boarding process more efficient & achieve economies of scale while providing tailor-made & customized services.

Our Value Proposition

Our on-boarding solution is designed to provide for end-end customer on-boarding workflows, data, AML & KYC compliance routines. The state of the art solution coupled with a strong data model, defined as per industry standards across various domains help reduce on-boarding cycle time by re-using existing processes and legacy systems.

The solution has the capability to integrate all existing customer on-boarding business systems and orchestrates processes according to the business requirements, thus ensuring that business systems and processes do not change.

Our system has been designed uniquely and comes with business-aligned, platform-independent content & workflow management capabilities.

It also combines proven enterprise content management plug-ins and it has fully compliant workflows and is able to manage content efficiently thereby enabling customer on-boarding across diverse financial domains.

Intelics Customer Onboarding services is a unique blend of state of art technology married with high quality business process services enabling organizations to accurately onboard their new customers faster, building trust through automated follow-up communications while refurbishing the existing customer information and records to comply with the regulatory directives and applying the information effectively for cross sale and other activities.

This enables organization’s ranging from Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom to focus their time and energy on customers and less time shuffling through files.

Our Customer Onboarding Platform is designed to seamlessly handle flow of information right from the first meeting of the customer on the field to finally ordering various deliverables.


  • Reduce Costs and Speed of Processing :
    Reduce labor-intensive and time consuming customer on-boarding process by using our advanced capture, classification and workflow technologies. Our highly trained staff ensures that the complete process is taken care within the predefined turn-around-time (TAT’s).
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency :
    Swift processing and at reduced time-frames by using our services to capture critical data and documents required to validate information. Increase visibility to all stakeholders in the onboarding process.
  • Improved Competitiveness :
    Our Customer Onboarding service enables organizations to easily take up new businesses while scaling up of their existing customer onboarding operations to match volume and growth.
  • Save Time and Minimize Paper Handling :
    Organization like BFSI (Banking and Financial institutions) can achieve time-savings of up to 80% and maintain high data quality by using our state of art services to automate the onboarding process while minimizing manual paper handling and distribution which is a huge time consuming and high cost activity.
  • Complying with regulations :
    Today regulatory bodies have enforced very stringent KYC (Know your Customer) and Re-KYC regulations which have to be met stringently. Our services ensure complete compliance with given rules and regulations.
  • Improve Data Accuracy and Eliminate Lost Documents :
    Our Customer Onboarding services provides advanced data classification and transformation tools and technologies that can dramatically reduce human handling and error.