InfoScan ®

InfoScan® is designed specifically to help enterprise users in converting paper documents into electronic documents and digitized data meticulously and then arranging the soft copies professionally to make them easily retrievable and useful.

InfoScan® application assist in streamline and automate digitization processes such as Quality check, image enhancement, data verification, tagging and indexing. InfoScan® is a production scanning engine for document image capture.

The InfoScan® have the capability of image capturing, image quality checking, image tagging, indexing, data verification & correction and creating batch of records for upload services to Document Management System. The inbuilt upload and integration feature allows using it as a scanning workstation with any Document Management and Workflow system.

It enables scanning of different type of documents in different properties as per the customer requirements providing high performance for entire digitization services and can manage thousands of documents per day. InfoScan® also provides segregation of scanned documents into various tags automatically, based on configured separators like blank‐page, barcode or fixed page count.

Key functionalities:

  • Powerful Imaging capability
  • Automatic data capture & Indexing
  • Automatic image tagging
  • Simplified Batch upload to Document Management Solution (DMS)
  • Extensive reports
  • Provide a robust & scalable document-handling environment
  • Supports all type of standard scanners - TWAIN and ISIS

Where InfoDocs®:

  • Basically any place that’s drowned in physical documents
  • Banks, Mailrooms, Back Offices
  • PSU’s, Government offices
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Pharma companies
  • Manufacturing and customer service industries