For companies & organizations that are on the lookout for a turnkey solution, Intelics comprehensive ECM provides for a one-stop answer to electronically managing images, reports, documents & allowing for unlimited indexing which in turn guarantees ease of retrieval in an intuitive web-based interface.

Intelics InfoStore is a web enabled, barcode based tracking system for Management of Stored Records, which provides and enables organization to manage the complete life cycle of physical records.

Key functionalities:

  • Access Controls
  • Inventorization of files
  • Masters Creation
    • User Master
    • Role Master
    • Carton Master
    • File Master
    • Location Master
    • Rack Master
    • Rack Level Master
  • Document Retrieval & Tracking Management

Where InfoDocs® :

  • Basically any place that’s drowned in physical documents
  • Banks, Mailrooms, Back Offices
  • PSU’s, Government offices
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Pharma companies
  • Manufacturing and customer service industries