InfoDocs ®

InfoDocs® is a comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) system which offers solution with capabilities to manage & control all your information. It helps organizations, take full advantage of the opportunities offered through digital transformation. It assists organizations in all phases of the document lifecycle - generate, acquire, manage, deliver & archive. InfoDocs® has the capability to adapt to any business model. Its this uniqueness that allows it to maximize accessibility & functionality in repositories of all sizes thereby increasing collaboration & communication between users. .

Why InfoDocs®:

InfoDocs has features that allow an organization to maximize their productivity & time-cost savings.

All organizations must become digital organizations in order to gain competitive advantage through a combination of increased efficiencies and productivity. By integrating DMS with the lead applications, it can connect different business processes and information sources to share content in order to improve awareness, efficiency and end results.


  • To optimize business processes and improve efficiency
  • Reduce the overall cost of managing documents and speed-up the process
  • Improve service to customers
  • Achieve document integrity & enable collaboration
  • Provide a robust & scalable document-handling environment
  • Adherence to compliances

Where InfoDocs®:

  • Basically any place that’s drowned in physical documents
  • Banks, Mailrooms, Back Offices
  • PSU’s, Government offices
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Pharma companies
  • Manufacturing and customer service industries

Key Highlights:

  • A centralized/distributed repository to store all the Physical / Electronic Documents in the form of digital content, allowing quick and efficient access to the information.
  • Powerful, Full Text search tool on Image Documents enabling quick retrieval of documents and pages in a document, based on the search criteria.
  • Document Imaging to capture digital content and allowing indexing of the documents sothat this content can be retrieved while searching.
  • Improve serviceability to internal staff and external contact points through improved handling of documents and information by implementing automation to manage workflow business processes.
  • Security based model for varied users and administrators to control access to folders documents.
  • Image Enabling of Enterprise Applications (Automate Business Processes for HR, Legal and Finance departments)
  • Document versioning allowing users and other management staff to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point.
  • Comprehensive reports for monitoring.
  • Extensive audit reports and Audit Trails
  • Security and authentication range of security options supported, including LDAP and Active Directory, with HTTPS / SSL encryption