PSU’s & Government

For the past 2 decades Nigeria is witnessing a phenomenal growth in its ICT sector and the ICT sector has been strategic in driving productivity & efficiencies in all sectors of the economy.

The environment for greater achievements thus has been created & now there is a greater access to ICT & Nigerians are today better able to use ICT, thus integrating them into the global digital economy & its benefits.

Intelics Solutions fully understands this vision of the Federal Government and is fully geared to engage with Government Bodies Undertakings to improve citizen’s delivery, public access & thereby achieve operational transparency.

Whether it is physical or Electronic records, our solutions which are highly scalable & robust will help Government agencies to enhance their internal processes of Document Management & thereby provide to be a long time enable & enhancer of different government units, public services & departments.

Get Intelics to help you manage your records (Physical, Digital)

Intelics promises to offer services with strict adherence to stipulated norms for data management need for your organization. So we help customers to choose the services they need for your government or public sector business